Rolling into 2023…

We at Odin Softworks have a great deal to be thankful for in 2022. Our sprint through the end of 2021 set us up to be selected as a Meta launchpad grant recipient for our upcoming VR title, FromLight. This put us in an excellent position to push the bounds of what is possible on mobile virtual reality headsets.

Among the topics we got experimental with, we are more proud of the ability to present players with huge, performant landscapes filled with foliage and gameplay on the Meta Quest. Additionally, we have undertaken to created of a full featured coop MMO backend for FromLight, leveraging the tools and capabilities of Amazon Web Services cloud offerings to enhance performance and availability for our (future) players.

All of this effort includes several base systems that we are looking forward to iterating on come 2023, including human AI, modular and magic weapons, player combat capabilities (including melee and archery), the player inventory and wearable systems, the spell casting systems, and our narrative quest system. We definitely look forward to enhancing these systems as we continue development toward our projected soft launch in 2023.

System that we are still looking at bringing online include the hydrid PC to VR experience, social activities (including games and music), horses, in-game events like tournaments, and additional quest content designed to garner player feedback.

Additionally this year we have kicked off our social media campaign, including posts like this one, updates to our Twitter and Mastadon feeds, as well as development streams where we introduce and actively iterate on game mechanics. Our social media links are included below:




We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2023, and bring friends because we all know its not safe to travel alone!