Investor Relations

I am excited to present to you Odin Softworks, a leading developer of innovative games and simulations. Our latest project is a cross-platform mobile VR game that targets PC, VR, and mobile VR markets. Our goal is to appeal to players who appreciate deeply narrative role-playing games while enjoying playing with their friends.

We are targeting a niche market that is aware of and engaged with tabletop role-playing games, a market worth six billion dollars. Combining this market with the computer role-playing game market, which has produced some of the biggest titles ever released, provides a significant opportunity for our endeavor.

To achieve our goals, we are seeking between 2 to 5 million dollars of development seed money. This funding will allow us to continue growing our team and develop top-tier content, filling a critical vacuum in the VR gaming space. Our plans to enable differing levels of cross-play will also serve to induct players into the VR gaming lifestyle.

At Odin Softworks, we have a proven record of success. We got our start in the simulation and training sphere, serving military and humanitarian customers worldwide. In 2016, we were recognized by the United Nations as one of the most innovative companies in the development sphere. Additionally, we were awarded an Oculus Launchpad Grant for our early minimum viable product of FromLight.

We believe our game has the potential to be a game-changer in the VR gaming space. We invite you to join us in this journey by investing in our project. Please reach out to us at the button below if you are interested in learning more.

Thank you for considering Odin Softworks.