Tasks upcoming on our to-do list…

Magic System

Spellcasting, Magic Items, and saving all the above

V1 Framework Completed

  • Build out procedural Runes
  • Implement means of using icons and staging spells
  • Implement magic items
  • V1 VFX Pass

Weapons and Materials

Modular Weapons and the different materials in the world

Graphical Implementation Completed

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  • Finalize procedural materials
  • Migrate UE4.27 Modularized Weapons
  • Test Implementation
  • Implement Magic Effects

Combat Framework V3

Stabs, Throws, and armor implementation

Throws Partially Implemented

  • Finalize Throw and Stab Subsystems
  • Setup AI Armor Implementation
  • SFX and VFX Pass

Level Content Development

Finalizing workflows and content for Dolenn and the bandit ravine

Dolenn at 90%

  • Finalize Level Side of Dolenn
  • Apply Workflow to Bandit Ravine
  • Start Quest Integration of Bandit Ravine to proof workflow