FromLight is set on the dangerous world of Tir Eriad, where the mundane and faen races compete for power under the watchful eyes of Outsiders, god-like elemental beings who draw power from souls, worship, and dominions. 3500 years after the fall of the Treluinn, humanity has struggled to maintain power against the dangerous wilderness on their frontiers, while kingdoms compete for resources, influence, and land.

The game takes place in the land of Rhentair, starting in the small frontier hearthstead of Dolenn. As players begin their journey, they are given a blank slate and are free to make their own decisions, which will have lasting effects on the world around them. The game is filled with conflict and opportunity as organizations, guilds, abolitionists, slavers, adventurers, and monsters all compete for power and resources.

Players will explore locations in deep catacombs, ancient temples, the deep dark caverns of the Faenwaidth, as well as castles and the open wilderness. The sheer variety of instanced adventures ensures that players can experience the narrative and story-driven nature of FromLight with their friends and yet still influence the great world as a whole.

The lore of FromLight is rich, with a history that has been shaped by powerful elemental beings and their dominions. The Outsiders draw their power from souls and worship, and players will encounter these beings as they navigate the world of Tir Eriad. The game world is filled with danger, with players facing off against monsters and other hostile creatures, as well as other players who may have competing goals.

Overall, FromLight offers players a unique and immersive gaming experience set in a world filled with conflict, opportunity, and danger. The game’s rich lore and history create a compelling backdrop for players to explore and shape as they see fit.


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