FromLight is a video game with a dynamic and realistic melee system. In this game, the player’s attributes determine the damage they deal and the handling of their chosen weapon. For instance, a player with high strength will be able to handle heavy weapons such as axes and polearms with ease, while a player with high dexterity can effectively wield lighter weapons like swords and daggers.

The game’s AI is predictive and smart, capable of reacting and coordinating with each other to create a formidable enemy force. This creates a challenging and engaging combat experience where the player must utilize strategy to take on multiple opponents.

FromLight features a wide range of melee weapons, from daggers and swords to axes, polearms, and spears. The weapons can be used one or two-handed, with each weapon feeling different accordingly. For instance, two-handed weapons deal more damage but are slower, while one-handed weapons are faster and more versatile.

Armor plays a significant role in the combat system of FromLight. It affects the player’s movement and dodging ability, making it a crucial factor in survival. Moreover, armor dramatically changes the effects of hitting specific locations, with hitting an unarmored area dealing more damage than hitting an armored limb.

The realistic and dynamic melee system of FromLight creates an immersive and challenging experience that requires skill and strategy to overcome. Players will have to utilize the strengths of their chosen character build to take on the intelligent and coordinated AI enemies with the wide range of melee weapons available in the game.

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FromLight is a video game that features a realistic and challenging ranged archery system. One of the game’s defining features is the realistic physics of arrows, which react to what they hit, including bouncing off the chitinous hide of monsters. This adds an immersive layer to the gameplay experience and encourages players to think strategically about their attacks.

The player’s archery skill and attributes will determine their accuracy and damage potential. Players will need to use their skills to excel at archery while also accounting for realistic physics such as gravity and wind that affect the arrow’s trajectory. The game’s intelligent and tactical NPC characters predict where and how players will move, and use a wide range of tactics, including ambushes, to engage at range.

Bows and arrows in FromLight can both be magical, providing players with a vast array of effects to mix and match, bringing the greatest utility to ranged combat. This provides players with an additional layer of strategy as they must choose their equipment carefully to achieve their desired effects.

Penetration and damage in FromLight are modeled from scientific sources, adding to the game’s realism and providing unique challenges. Players must choose the right arrows and bows to penetrate certain defenses and defeat particular foes. The game’s intelligent NPCs provide a challenging experience, adding to the game’s immersive and rewarding gameplay.

Overall, the ranged archery system in FromLight is designed to provide a realistic and challenging gameplay experience. Players will need to utilize their skills, strategic thinking, and carefully chosen equipment to overcome the intelligent and tactical NPC characters while taking into account the realistic physics and magical properties of bows and arrows.


In the world of FromLight, magic is a gesture-based affair that requires the player to understand the language of magic. As they master this language, they will be able to craft powerful spells using multiple runes, unlocking greater levels of power.

At its simplest level, magic in FromLight involves using a single rune to cast elemental spells. However, for more experienced players, the system provides a deep and intricate magic system that allows for the creation of complex effects using bespoke actions.

The game’s magic system is designed to cater to players of all skill levels. Even those who are less inclined to use magic can use it to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Magic items such as foci and spellbooks also play a significant role in the game, allowing casters to access a variety of spells with different effects.

Of course, players will face challenges from enemies who also possess powerful spells. These enemies will require players to use their magical abilities to overcome them, adding another layer of challenge and excitement to the game.

Overall, FromLight’s magic system is a key component of the game that will provide both depth and accessibility to players. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual player, the game’s magic system has something for everyone.


The stealth system plays a vital role in providing players with an advantage in combat by allowing them to bypass it entirely. The AI in the game all follow regular patterns of life, creating opportunities for clever players to slip in and out of enemy encampments undetected.

Sneak attacks in the game require players to identify unprotected points and gaps in their enemy’s armor, making it a challenging and risky but ultimately rewarding task. Additionally, players can use the environment to their advantage, pushing unsuspecting enemies off ledges and out of sight of their friends for their allies to assist them.

It is important for players to conceal the results of their work, as dead bodies can still alert nearby enemies. By maintaining a low profile, players can effectively navigate through levels, complete objectives, and avoid combat altogether. Overall, the stealth system in FromLight offers a unique gameplay experience that rewards players who are patient and strategic in their approach.


In FromLight, the transportation system aims to provide players with a solution to tedious travel that has been a challenge in many open-world games. While fast travel options have been made available in the past, these often lead to players missing out on hidden content that enriches the game world. Therefore, the game developers have implemented a middle-ground solution that allows players to traverse long distances while still experiencing all the content available in the game.

Players can acquire and ride mounts that serve not only as a mobile platform for travel and combat but also allow access to their cached inventory while on the go. This feature enables players to prepare more effectively for individual adventures and stash away the loot they discover on their travels.

Mounted combat is also available in the game, including mounted archery and jousting, adding an exciting layer to the gameplay experience. Overall, the transportation system in FromLight provides a balanced solution to the challenge of traveling in open-world games, allowing players to fully explore the game world while still being able to traverse it efficiently.


Players are assigned a set of attributes that depict their current status, ability scores, knowledge, and a summation of their decisions and how the world perceives them for those decisions. These attributes allow players to create a character that is unique and defines their role in the game world.

The ability scores in FromLight are used to scale the difficulty of tasks without gating any particular action. For instance, the ease with which a player can swing a large weapon with one hand is contingent on their strength score, and a player’s ability to feel subtle haptic changes while picking a lock is subject to their dexterity score. Additionally, characters with a low intuition score may have difficulty reading books, which could appear as gibberish.

Moreover, the knowledge attributes also come into play, enabling characters to access different events or conversation options that would otherwise be closed off to them. By having a set of attributes that influence gameplay, players can experience a deeper sense of immersion and create a character that is unique to them.

FromLight’s attribute system offers a unique gameplay experience that allows players to create a character that is as unique as they are, and the attributes forming that character shape their role in the game world.