Coop virtual reality role-playing game




Immerse yourself in challenging gameplay without restrictions. Inspired by classic pen and paper gaming mechanics, FromLight adds a new layer to role-playing games. 

Your abilities enhance the actions you do, they do not restrict them. Play as a warrior, a magic-user, a rogue, or any mixture in between. To stay alive, stay versatile.

FromLight is designed to reward the careful, punish the careless, and provide endless depth of play at all levels.

Invite your friends to share in the spoils of adventure, and when finished, relax back at the tavern. 

With a focus on the holistic loop of adventure, you will find the ability to enjoy preparation and the execution of your quests.

The ability to prepare on PC, and switch into headset for the actual questplay, you will experience a much richer game without the long-term fatigue typically associated with long gaming sessions in virtual reality. 

Set in the unforgiving world of Tir Eriad, you and your friends experience  world rich with cultures, history, the ramifications of a fully realized virtual reality fantasy world. 

This means monsters are varied and extremely dangerous, and you must take advantage of the setting, terrain, and lore to thrive in this dangerous setting. 

Carefully designed questlines are designed to be more than one-shot fetch quests, the bane of all MMO players.