Our Approach

Learn, iterate, improve. Never let perfect be the adversary of great, but never let mediocre be the easy way out. Focus on what counts, and pursue it, simple as can be.

Our Story

From 2014 until now, we have been pursuing a better way to influence the world through the electronic medium. Through working in the humanitarian aid sphere, being highlighted during the World Humanitarian summit in 2016, to contract work and advice we have given to partners around the globe.

Due to service commitments, we’ve had to go quiet for a while. And we will stay that way for a little while longer. But while we are quiet, know that we are working and look forward to presenting new products for public consumption.

We aggressively pursue our vision. Why? Because we believe in fantastic products. High fidelity simulation, fantastic narrative, and ground-truth data drive our company.

AJ Omernik

Founder & CEO